GM11 Trekka Dual Sport Helmet

GM11 Trekka TC-1


Gmax is extremely excited about the GM11 Adult dual sport helmet series. The Gmax dual sport helmet is truly an all season sport helmet. The GM11 Helmet is loaed with features and designs normally found on other highly priced helmets, but delivered to you at a true GMAX competitive value.


•  New design for mouth vent and visor!

•  Modern styling.

•  Can be quickly converted from a visor
   configuration to a visor-less configuration.

•  Side shield plate covers come as standard
   equipment in the box to use when configuring
   to a visor-less set-up.

•  Includes: double anti-fog clear lens, visor,
   chin curtain & breath guard, and side plate
   covers for visor-less configuration.

•  Outer flip shield is completed hidden under
   the visor, and out of line-of-sight, when in the
   fully raised position.

•  Large eye port that accepts large goggles.

•  Visor is designed to allow airflow to pass
   uninterrupted across the helmet to virtually
   eliminate helmet-lift at high speeds.

•  Shield can be fully raised or lowered when
   using goggles.


•  Maximum air flow is achieved thru shell/styro
   & comfort liner vents.

•  Top, front, and jaw piece vents are a bold
   design that can be fully opened or closed
   with a “gloved” hand.

Lateral styro inserts:

•  Additional support inserts are located
   between the cheek pads and the shell.

•  Increased comfort and outside sound

Plush removable washable interior:

•  Allows for adjustable fit and comfort
   that is second to none.

•  Tool-Less removal for easy cleaning.

Removable washable cheek pads:

•  Designed for comfort and reduction
   of outside noise.

•  Integrated speaker pockets.

•  Allows for custom fitting with optional sized
   cheek pads.

Optional accessories:

•  Clear double anti-fog lens shield.

•  Breath guard and chin curtains.

D.O.T Certified:

•  Lightweight thermo-plastic poly alloy shell.

•  Padded D-ring chin strap with a retention
   snap that secures excess chin strap length.


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