GM37 Storm


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Part No.
Part Description
Platinum Sheild Bag
Tint Double Lens Shield - Fits GM37/GM47
Clear Electric Double Lens Shield
Inner Ratchet Plate Screws - QTY.4
GMAX Inner Ratchet Plate Springs - QTY. 2
Top Front Vents - Left and Right
Top Rear Vent
SPC Top Front Vents - Fits GM17/37
Removable Orange Liner - XS
Removable Orange Liner - Small
Removable Orange Liner - Medium
Removable Orange Liner - Large
Removable Orange Liner - XL
Removable Orange Liner - 2XL
Removable Orange Cheek Pads (Pair) - XS
Removable Orange Cheek Pads (Pair) - Small
Removable Orange Cheek Pads (Pair) - Medium
Removable Orange Cheek Pads (Pair) - Large
Removable Orange Cheek Pads (Pair) - XL
Removable Orange Cheek Pads (Pair) - 2XL
Breath Guard - Snow
Lower Rubber Molding
Visor Wasp Graphic - TC-1
Visor Wasp Graphic -TC-2
Visor Wasp Graphic -TC-3
Visor Wasp Graphic -TC-4
Visor Wasp Graphic - TC-5
Visor - Solid Black
Removable Comfort Liner - XS
Removable Comfort Liner - Small
Removable Comfort Liner - Large
Removable Comfort Liner - XL
Removable Cheek Pads (Pair) - XS
Removable Cheek Pads (Pair) - Small
Removable Cheek Pads (Pair) - Medium
Removable Cheek Pads (Pair) - Large
Removable Cheek Pads (Pair) - XL
Removable Cheek Pads (Pair) - 2XL
GMAX Removable Liner - Small
GMAX Removable Liner - Medium
GMAX Removable Liner - Large
GMAX Removable Liner - XL
GMAX Removable Liner - 2XL
Grey Removable Cheek Pads XS/S 35MM
Grey Removable Cheek Pads L 25MM
Grey Removable Cheek Pads XL 20MM
GM37 Breath Guard

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